Grid coupling attention matters and Application Overview
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Serpentine spring coupling, is a kind of advanced structure of metal. Grid coupling belongs to the metal elastic an advanced structure of variable stiffness coupling, it relies on the snake shaped spring piece is embedded in two coupling tooth groove to transfer torque, is mainly composed of 2.5coupling two halves, cover, the two sealing rings and a snake shaped spring piece. It relies on theserpentine spring sheet to transfer torque. Grid coupling is the most advanced shaft couplingtransmission part of today's international machinery field, is also one kind of very universal shaft coupling transmission parts.

Grid coupling considerations and applications:

One, installed carefully to find positive, reasonable control deviation

(1) the gap between the two valve coupling between angular misalignment alignment, installation,every 90 degrees to measure the gap between the two petals of a serpentine spring coupling, the maximum and minimum value difference should not exceed 0.38mm.

(2) find a positive radial deviation. Using a ruler placed two valve coupling, every 90 degreemeasurement time, with the match feet check, the radial deviation of not more than 0.38mm.

Two, the selection of suitable grease

The oil temperature less than 150 DEG C, and can resist the action of centrifugal force, with separatestability, without impurities, no corrosion of carbon steel and nitrile rubber lithium base grease is better.

Three, filling enough lubrication grease

Full of grease is very important to the serpentine spring coupling, suggest that once a year to check.Grease gun into dry, until the holes in the excess grease overflow until.

Four, grid coupling applications

1), transmission shaft and is suitable for connecting with two axis, high power, with compensatecertain relative offset and shock absorption, cushioning properties, the working temperature is -30DEG ~+150 DEG, transfer the nominal torque 45~800000N.m.

2), mainly used in stone machine, crank reciprocating motion, reducer, metallurgy, mining, liftingmachinery etc..

3), shaft drive other machinery and equipment, those who have motor and a member of the localmotor and a reduction box is connected, connected or shaft associated with the axle can be applied.

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