Constitute the synchronous belt wheel bearing rope and belt tooth and take back material
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Synchronous belt wheel material consisting of a synchronous belt wheel is the main bearing rope andbelt tooth and bring back its material composition, the following brief:

1 bearing rope is used for transferring power and keep the pitch invariant. Made of high tensile strength, elongation of small material.

(1) steel wire for steel wire strand by spiral winded. High tensile strength, elongation rate is small, but with the matrix bonding materials is poor, flexible authorization and corrosion resistance is beautiful, is mainly used for substrate synchronous belt with polyurethane as.

(2) by glass fiber glass fiber multi share reform according to the spiral winded. And the basic materialviscosity is not good. Flexibility and good corrosion resistance. Many used to chloroprene rubbersynchronous belt in the body for aldehyde.

2 toothed with back belt tooth directly with the belt wheel meshing requirement, shear strength andhigh wear resistance, heat resistance and oil resistance is good. Belt back for connection and packetFucheng cut the rope, the requirements of flexibility and high bending strength, and good adhesion of bearing rope.

Now commonly used material:

(1) chloroprene rubber chloroprene emulsion polymerized with concentrated. Anti fatigue performance, high temperature resistant device camera aging good. With the drill bearing rope knotbowl is also good. Still wear resistant parts and flexibility are low, need to keep the belt tooth surfacecomplex bag cloth layer. Can be used to synchronize from small power, high power, high speed serialtook until the belt

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