A grid coupling transmission efficiency, under varying load, introduced the relevant vibration etc.
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Grid coupling of high transmission efficiency, reliable operation, the transmission efficiency of coupling, as determined by its short-time overload capacity of up to 99.47%, two times the ratedtorque, safe and reliable operation, low noise, good lubrication, snake spring coupling aluminum alloyshell to protect the spring to avoid running outwards, and the shell is internally stored with butter, not only makes good lubrication, but also makes noise when engaged by reed butter damping absorptionand elimination.

Grid coupling under varying load range is big, the tooth surface contact and the reed starting 2.5 safety coupling is arc, when the transfer torque increases, the spring piece along the tooth arc deformation, so that the 2.5 coupling effects on reed point near the. Reed contact with the tooth surface point is the change of the moment, is changing with the torque size, it is the transmission characteristics of variable stiffness. So it has more than the general elastic coupling can bear bigger load variation. Buffer driving force of the reed generated along the tooth arc deformation, especially the machine start or strong impact load, to a certain extent with safety protection matching parts.

Grid coupling vibration is good, the service life is long, serpentine spring coupling with axiallyembedded in half more than 36%. Snake shaped spring piece trapezoid section uses the high qualityspring steel, heat treated, strict, and special processing, has good mechanical properties, so that the service life of the coupling far better than the metal elastic element coupling (such as pin coupling with elastic sleeve, nylon rod pin coupling) for growth.

Grid coupling many varieties, types and specifications, in the basis of correctly understanding thevariety, structure and specification of their concept, to the choice of the coupling according to the transmission needs, first of all from the choice of the coupling has been formulated as a standard, I have been making for international and standard couplings are ten, the vast majority of thesestandard coupling is universal coupling, every kind of coupling have their own characteristics andsuitable range, can basically meet the needs of a variety of conditions, general designer does not need to design their own coupling, only in the existing standard need to design their own coupling coupling can not meet. Standard coupling to buy convenience, a lot cheaper than the price of non-standard couplings designed to. In many standard couplings, the right choice for your needs best coupling, a series of problems related to the mechanical product performance, reliability and service life of the drive shaft, vibration, noise, energy saving, transmission efficiency, transmission accuracyand economy etc, but also to the quality of mechanical products. Designers should be based on from the drive shaft angle and the need to choose the couplings in the selection of coupling, should avoid to only consider the driving and the driven end is connected with the choice of the coupling.

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