Suzhou KEMET JMI type heavy duty diaphragm coupling introduction and installation instructions
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JMI type heavy duty diaphragm coupling is also called the elastic laminated membrane coupling, orlaminated flexible coupling, coupling of model developed in recent years, there are double toothed,single head tooth shape, tooth type, plate spring, disk spring, cross sliding type and roller chain typediaphragm coupling. Due to different types, some with oil lubrication, others with grease lubrication.For flexible and diaphragm coupling, some with grease lubrication. That is, when the coupling work,can be due to squeeze into the grease lubrication and get. And the assembly, then coated with grease, ensure that there is sufficient lubrication. Grease for high speed devices, must be guaranteed under the action of centrifugal force the oil and soap are not isolated, or couplingsreduce lubrication oil leakage. At the same time requirements and more efficiency, namely to haveheat resistance, but also in the low temperature when there is a certain cold resistant sex. Lubrication of JMI type heavy duty diaphragm coupling, mostly used lubricating grease. When assembled, greasemust fill the grid plate between the dressing, not grease leakage. Work should be checked regularly,adding grease general is the use of extreme pressure lithium base grease.

JMI type heavy duty diaphragm coupling installation instructions

1 JMI type heavy duty diaphragm coupling before installation should first check whether the prime mover and a working machine two concentric, have some wrapping paper and bumps whether two axis surface, JMI type heavy duty diaphragm coupling 2.5 coupling inner hole if there is debris, inner hole edges if it bumps, if any, should be the shaft and a half coupling is clean, bumps deal with fine file. Then check the shaft diameter and inner holes of the 2.5 coupling is the same diameter and length of primary motivation, job machine extension length of the size of match. General heavydiaphragm coupling in the selection, so that the original motivation and work machine side half coupling is smaller than the length of the shaft length 10 - 30mm as well.

2 in order to facilitate the heavy installation of diaphragm coupling, it is better to be the 2.5 couplingon the incubator or oil tank 120--150 for preheating, the hole size is swollen very easy installation.After installation to ensure head must not protrude half coupling end, with Qi Ping as a good.Detected between two half coupling distance: the flange along the half coupling two inner measurepoint 3--4 readings averaged, and the lengthened segment and the two film group measured sizeand both error control in the 0 0.4mm range.

3 looking for is: with the dial gauge detection in two coupling flange end face and the outer circular runout, when the flange outer circle is less than 250mm jitter value shall not be more than 0.05mm;when the flange outer circle is larger than 250mm, the jumping value should be less than 0.08.

JMI type heavy duty diaphragm coupling elastic element is made of very thin stainless steel diaphragm laminated diaphragm diaphragm assembly, usually have a waist type, polygonal circularshape, in precision bolt the same distributions on the circle is connected with the main driven flange connection. The diaphragm assembly to form three-dimensional deformation bear the main driven flange misalignment. Energy transfer speed accurately, operate without slip, can be used for thetransmission of precision machinery. JMI type heavy duty diaphragm coupling are widely used in machinery and equipment industry, metallurgy, mine, petroleum, chemical, electric power,shipbuilding, lifting transport, textile, light industry, machinery, printing machinery, water pump, fan,machine tool in power transmission.

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